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International indices

Name   Current +|-    
ATX 1,946.19 -30.18%
DAX 9,544.75 -19.73%
ESTOXX50 2,680.30 -19.50%
SMI 9,168.98 -6.73%
DOW JONES UK(G... 242.89 -18.21%

International currencies

Name   Current +|-    
EUR/CZK 27.5050 0.00%
EUR/PLN 4.59642 +0.04%
EUR/HUF 363.1090 -0.06%
EUR/HRK 7.6242 +0.07%
EUR/RON 4.8270 +0.03%


Name   Current +|-    
WTI SPOT 20.62 +0.05%
BRENT OIL SPOT 24.88 -5.69%
GOLD SPOT 1,587.95 -0.23%
SILVER SPOT 13.9245 -0.38%
PALLADIUM SPOT 2,277.90 +2.05%
PLATINUM SPOT 715.56 -0.51%

International interest rates

Name   Current +/- (abs.)  
PRIBOR CZK 3M 1.0300 -0.01
BUBOR HUF 3M 0.4700 +0.01
ROBOR RON 3M 2.5500 0.00

International key interest rates

Key interest rates

CountryCurrentLast update
Bulgaria0.00 %2020/03
Croatia3.00 %2020/02
Czech Republic2.25 %2020/02
Eurozone0.00 %2020/03
Hungary0.90 %2020/02
Japan-0.10 %2020/02
Poland1.50 %2020/02
Romania2.50 %2020/02
Switzerland-0.75 %2020/02
USA1.25 %2020/03
United Kingdom0.75 %2020/02

International research

Date HeadlineDownload
2020/04/01enEconomy to contract this yearPDF Download
2020/04/01enHungary | Instant CommentPDF Download
2020/04/01enAre the markets too optimistic?
2020/04/01enGlobal Strategy Q2 2020PDF Download
2020/04/01enV-shaped recovery?PDF Download


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