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Data Protection Policy for web portal www.investicnicentrum.cz

We appreciate your interest in our website and our company. Although we carefully review links to outside websites, we can accept no liability for their content or security.

We make every effort to protect your personal data when it is collected, stored and used (“processed”) during your visit to our website. Your data is protected in accordance with statutory requirements (in particular, the EU General Data Protection Regulation).

The following information describes the type of data that is collected when you visit this website and how this data is used.

1. Personal Data – My Site
Personal data is processed on our website only as far as you have actively provided that data, e g. by registering yourself on My Site. In this case, the following personal data will be processed: salutation, title (if provided), first name, last name, type of customer, preferred language, accepted marketing (if provided), e-mail address and address (if provided).

Indirect personal data is not stored or processed, except the IP-address that is technically necessary for offering this service.

Services on My Site that you can use as registered users include: configuration of your personal start page with market data of your choice, compiling watchlists and virtual portfolios. You may use our free-of-charge subscription service for research reports and newsletters and daily currency fixings which will be delivered to the e-mail address provided by you. You can set price alerts for securities and will receive a notification by e-mail when the price has been reached.

If you have provided us with personal data, we use it only to respond to your queries, to fulfil the above mentioned My Site services and for technical administration.

Your personal data is disclosed to third parties only if this is necessary for fulfilling the above mentioned My Site services. The website is hosted by German company FactSet, with the contractors Salient (Germany) and SalesXP (Austria).

We will send you information by email only if you have subscribed to it or if it is necessary for the performance of My Site (e.g. technical information). If you no longer desire to receive such transmissions from us, you are welcome to unsubscribe anytime at no charge. You can do so yourself if you log-in to My Site or by sending us an e-mail to .

Your personal data will be processed for an unlimited time as long as My Site is in place and operating. You can deactivate your My Site account by clicking on “Deactivate Account” on My Site - My Profile or send us an e-mail to .

2. Cookies
Various parts of our website use cookies. Cookies are small text files that enable recognition of a returning user. However, no personal data is stored, such as you name or address. In other words, this information cannot be used to identify you personally. We use cookies in order to tailor our offerings to your needs and to analyse how these offerings are used. You can configure your browser to require your consent prior to accepting a cookie or to block them in general. Basically our offerings can be used without accepting cookies.

3. Social Media and automatic image download
We are offering interaction with various social media platforms. When interacting with such service your browser connects to that service and therefore provides your IP-address and if you had communicated with that platform before, also other information like cookies. Wherever possible, we are avoiding that kind of data transfer until you start interacting with one of the platforms. By clicking on the respective icon (e.g. the Twitter logo) you indicate that you are willing to communicate with the chosen platform (in this case Twitter) and your information like IP-address is communicated to this social media platform.

4. Web Analytics
In order to obtain a better understanding of the usage of our websites, we are generating statistics with the help of the the following services: the German analytics service Webtrekk and the software Matomo (formerly: Piwik) used by the German website host FactSet Digital Solutions GmbH. These statistics do not contain any person-specific data.

You can object to the data storage by Webtrekk and Matomo as cookies named webtrekkOptOut and piwikOptOut are set. This contradiction is valid as long as you do not delete the cookies.


We use cookies and web analysis software to give you the best possible experience on our website. By continuing to browse this website, you consent for these tools to be used. For more details and how to opt out of these, please read our Data protection policy.


Any information, material and services regarding financial instruments and securities provided by Česká spořitelna/Erste Group/ or any of its affiliates (collectively “Erste Group“) on this and any linked website hereafter (jointly the “Websites“) shall be exclusively to investors who are not subject to any legal sale or purchase restrictions.

By agreeing to this hereto, the visitor entering this Websites confirms that has read, understood and accepted this Information and the Disclaimer