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Měnový prémiový vklad v CZK 1/2024

2024/04/19 16:31:00
Bid Ask
10,000.00 -
Minimum yield 3.67% p.a.
Difference 0.00% (0.00)

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The information on the locked yield of products (in % p.a.) is only informative and is not binding for actual payment. The final yield value that is to be paid for the full product duration will be calculated shortly before its maturity. The previous performance will not guarantee the future performance.
Source: Česká spořitelna, a. s.
Advantages Disadvantages
  • 100% return of the deposited funds and a definite minimum yield regardless of the market development of the dynamic underlying asset.
  • Daily locking of the yield. You can no longer lose the achieved yield.
  • Premium deposits and their yields are subject to insurance and tax just as classic term deposits. 
  • Setting up and managing the deposit is free.
    Please note that the target market of this investment instrument is listed below. If you do not meet any of the listed parameters, you may be outside the specified target market!
    The target market defines the set of investors (retail clients) for whom the investment product is intended.
    This investment product  is intended for investors who:
  • seek investment profit
  • are able to accept a level of risk that is in accordance with the risk indicator of the product specified in General attributes.
  • are interested in holding the product until the maturity specified in General attributes
  • The client's compatibility with the product's target market will be evaluated during the purchase process.
  • -----------------------------------------
  • Inflation risk. Investors should be aware that the fair value of an investment, including any yield may fall in connection with how inflation reduces the value of the product’s currency. 
  • Currency premium deposits can be terminated prematurely at any time at Česká spořitelna branches. In this case, we guarantee the return 100% of its nominal value, but due to additional costs, a price of 2% from the withdrawn amount is charged.

2024/04/19 16:31:00
Bid Ask
10,000.00 -
Difference 0.00% (0.00)

2024/04/19 16:31:00
Bid Ask
10,000.00 -
Difference 0.00% (0.00)

Bid Ask
1 EUR = 25.2650 CZK
1 CZK = 0.03958 EUR
Difference 0.14% (0.04)

General attributes

Exchange rateCNB rate
Exchange Central bank exchange rate fixing
Exchange Central bank exchange rate fixing
Security typeCurrency

Market data

Open25.2650 EUR
High25.2650 EUR
Low25.2650 EUR
Close (prev. day)25.2300 EUR

Performance and Risk

Perf (%)-0.51%+2.37%+8.09%-2.55%
Perf (abs.)-0.13+0.59+1.89-0.66

Futures and Options

Related Futures-
Related Options-
Scale: ABS REL         Underlying

Add Benchmark:

Performance since inception. Performances under 12 month have only little informative value because of the short maturity. Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.
Source: Česká spořitelna, a. s.

Price data

Ø price 5 days | Ø volume 5 days (pcs.)25.2638 EUR (0)
Ø price 30 days | Ø volume 30 days (pcs.)25.3129 EUR (0)
Ø price 100 days | Ø volume 100 days (pcs.)25.1581 EUR (0)
Ø price 250 days | Ø volume 250 days (pcs.)24.7314 EUR (0)
YTD High | date25.4600 EUR (2024/02/19)
YTD Low | date24.4800 EUR (2024/01/08)
52 Weeks High | date25.4600 EUR (2024/02/19)
52 Weeks Low | date23.3650 EUR (2023/05/09)

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