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Balanced funds

What are balanced funds?

Balanced funds, as indicated by their name, are shares funds in which something is balanced, and the "something" consists in basic classes of assets – money market instruments, bonds and stocks. They are best for medium-term up to long-term investments in the investment horizon of 3 years and more, depending on the fluctuation of the value of their participation certificates. The proportion of individual classes of assets in the portfolio of balanced funds determines the risk profile. Thanks to a combination of several classes of assets, they are best as separate lump sum or regular investments, and pursuant to their risk profile, both conservative and dynamic investors will choose from their selection. Balanced funds can be managed pursuant to various investment strategies. The so-called long-term strategic allocation of assets, i.e. the proportion of individual classes of assets with a small variance, is defined in the Fund Statute of most of balanced funds. The funds follow developments of individual markets relatively truly, which is predominantly advantageous in the growth period. Some balanced funds follow the absolute growth strategy, enabling them to reduce the risk part of the portfolio (stocks) down to the minimum if the development on stock markets is unfavourable. The funds manage risks in the fund portfolio actively, which minimizes possible decreases, but as far as growth is concerned, it lags behind the market slightly.

How do balanced funds work?

Balanced funds endeavour to valuate money as much as possible in the medium-term horizon time up to long-term horizon time by investment in a balanced portfolio composed of individual classes of assets – money market instruments, bonds and stocks. The stock part of the balanced fund portfolio is used for significant valuation of investment above the level achieved with bonds and money market instruments when the stock market grows. The conservative part of the balanced fund portfolio, composed of money market instruments and bonds, is used to mitigate the risk of stock markets when their development is unfavourable and to stabilize the fund yields.

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