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How does the settlement of trades proceed? The settlement of bond trades takes 4 working days. If the investor pays the price of a bought bond, the bought bond (or share in a collection bond) is credited to his/her asset account in 4 working days. If an investor sells a bond, the trade is settled, and again money is transferred in 4 working days after entering the trade. (If money is transferred to another bank, the period of bank transfer has to be taken into account).
May a bond be sold before its maturity? Bonds of Česká spořitelna may be sold at branches or through S24 Internetbanking for the currently valid price pursuant to the exchange list of bonds at any time.
Are premium deposits insured? Yes, legal insurance of deposits applies to premium deposits as well as to term deposits.
What taxes apply to premium deposits? Premium deposits are liable to the same tax as term deposits, yields of natural persons are subject to 15%-withholding tax.
Is there any entry fee or fee for opening with premium deposits? No, both opening and keeping an account are free of charge.
What is required to set up a premium deposit? To set up a premium deposit, you need to have an asset account of investment instruments with Česká spořitelna. Opening an asset account is free of charge, it can be done at any branch of Česká spořitelna, the investor will need valid identity card or passport.
To set up a premium deposit, is it necessary to have an account at Česká spořitelna? No, it is not, the means for the payment of the premium deposit may be sent to the respective collection account from any Czech Crown account. After setting up a Euro or Dollar premium deposit, you need to have an investment account in the respective currency at Česká spořitelna. Opening and keeping an investment account is free of charge.
With what deposits is revolving (automatic repetition) functional? Revolving is set automatically with all CZK currency premium deposits and with all Zlaté vklady.
What should I do to cancel revolving? Revolving may be cancelled at branches of Česká spořitelna by the Application for Revolving Termination for a specific deposit. The Application for Revolving Termination should be filed not later than on the Revolving Day, which is one working day before the deposit maturity.
What is the minimum investment in premium deposits? For premium deposits, the minimum investment is CZK 10,000. For EUR currency premium deposit, the minimum investment is EUR 400, for USD currency premium deposit the minimum investment is USD 500.


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