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Do you allow intraday trading? Can I sell stocks right after I purchased them (without having to wait until next day or settlement) and make immediate purchase for the sold stock (without having to wait until next day or settlement)? Yes, we allow standard intraday trading.
Can I make buy/sell instructions at BCPP over the phone? Yes, it is possible by telephone +420 956 777 777 on weekdays from 9.00 to 18.00.
Is buying/selling over the phone more expensive than if made at a branch? Fees are the same irrespective of how the buy/sell instruction is made.
Can I receive account statements (trading summary) and /or confirmations of entered and realized trading instructions by e-mail? Yes. Both account statements and confirmations are sent by e-mail free of charge.
What type of instructions for BCPP do you accept? Market, limit and stop limit.
What taxes apply to bonds? Yields of natural persons are subject to 15%-withholding tax. The interest yield of mortgage-backed bonds issued till 31/12/2007 are not subject to tax.
Is there any entry fee or fee for purchase with bonds? The prices of purchase and sale of bonds change depending on the development of market conditions; they are published in the factsheet of individual bonds every day. Česká spořitelna charges a lump sum fee of CZK 100 for instruction (purchase or sale) irrespective of the investment size.
What is required to buy of a bond? To set up a bond, you need to have an asset account of investment instruments with Česká spořitelna. Opening an asset account is free of charge, it can be done at any branch of Česká spořitelna, the investor will need valid identity card or passport.
Is it necessary to have an account at Česká spořitelna for purchase of a bond? It is not necessary to have a monetary account in ČS for purchases of bonds. The means for the payment of purchase of a premium deposit may be sent to the respective collection account from any Czech Crown account.
What is the minimum investment in bonds? Bonds offered by Česká spořitelna differ in the nominal value of 1 bond. With the majority of issues, however, it is CZK 10,000 and the minimum purchase volume is 3 pieces. (CZK 30,000).


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