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Date HeadlineSource
2020/05/25enAssessing the COVID-19 impactErste Group Research
2020/05/18enStrong external shockErste Group Research
2020/04/09enCrisis to hit the economy and changed somewhat monetary policy approachErste Group Research
2020/04/09enEconomic recovery from 3Q onwards - UPDATEErste Group Research
2020/04/03enEconomic activity stongly impaired in 2020 amid coronavirus outbreakErste Group Research
2020/04/02enNew coronavirus shakes the economy - UPDATEErste Group Research
2020/04/02en2020 – Tougher than 2009?Erste Group Research
2020/04/02enNavigating storm with one engine gone Erste Group Research
2020/04/01enEconomy to contract this yearErste Group Research
2020/04/01enV-shaped recovery?Erste Group Research
2020/03/30enAdverse scenario becomes realityErste Group Research
2020/03/19enCoronavirus brings recession to CEEErste Group Research
2020/03/18enNew coronavirus shakes the economyErste Group Research
2020/03/18enJourney from exuberance to prudenceErste Group Research
2020/03/18enGrowth prospects hampered amid gloomier global outlookErste Group Research
2020/03/18enGDP to decrease this yearErste Group Research
2020/03/17enWorsening prospects due to Coronavirus shock Erste Group Research
2020/03/17enOutlook dominated by global pandemicErste Group Research
2020/03/17enWeaker growth due to external shockErste Group Research
2020/03/16enEconomy to brake due to virus threatsErste Group Research


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