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Global Funds Mutual funds focusing on securities issued worldwide. Typical for these funds is the high degree of geographic diversification of investments.
Global Risk Represents the risk of price changes of investment instruments within a global decline of the economy and capital markets.
Government Bonds Government bonds are issued by the governments of countries or state-owned organisations or public institutions. Short-term government bonds (up to one year) are usually issued as discounted bonds, i.e. they have no coupon. When purchased, they are sold at a discount, i.e. at a lower price than the nominal price where the discount represents the yield. Medium- and long-term government bonds bring the investors regular interest income (coupon). Government bonds represent one of the safest investments and, therefore, only interest rate risk is to be mentioned.
Guarantee Fund of Securities Dealers A legal entity established with the aim of providing protection to investors in a situation where a securities dealer cannot meet his obligations in relation to the customers and there are no chances that his situation would improve.
Guaranteed Certificate Guaranteed investment certificates are structured products, for which the issuer guarantees the return of all or part of the amount paid at maturity. Overperformance is obtained only when the predetermined conditions are being met. Risks – see Investment Certificates.
Guaranteed Funds Mutual funds making use in their investment strategy of a combination of conservative bonds and financial derivatives. The value of the share certificate at a specified date should not fall below the set level (usually 100% of invested money). Guaranteed funds include also click funds which seek through their active portfolio management to guarantee that the value of share certificates would never during the set period fall below the set threshold (usually 90%). Even in these funds, it is necessary to assume the credit risk of issuers of the individual components of the portfolio and in the case of investments in foreign currency, also additional currency risk.


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