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Year Downside (1 year) The worst possible result of a portfolio per year with chosen reliability
Yield Yield means the total benefit from an investment, mainly consisting of interest and dividend income as well as the yield from the exchange rate change arising from the invested capital. When calculating net yield, all costs associated with the investment must be deducted (e.g. acquisition costs in the form of an entry fee or the stock exchange broker's fee).
Yield Curve A curve showing the relationship between the internal rate of return (yield to maturity) of individual bonds, depending on their maturity.
Yield Reinvestment Fund – Growth In a reinvestment (growth) fund, all achieved yields are reinvested. The shareholders receive no proceeds on an annual basis, but instead they participate in the growth of the fund’s assets.
YTD (Year to Date) Since the beginning of the year until the current date.
YTM (Yield to Maturity) Yield to maturity is the bond’s yield when it is held until the maturity date. It is derived from the current selling price of the bond and the future interest income. Yield to maturity is used to compare the yields of bonds with different periods until maturity or with the yields from fixed-term deposits.


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