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How do Money market funds work? Money market funds primarily invest in money market instruments, including treasury bills and highly safe short-term bonds so that the average maturity of all bought securities in the fund portfolio will be less than one year. The portfolio of the funds is widely diversified - consisting of numerous titles, which reduces market risks significantly.
How do the Bond funds work? Bond funds endeavour to valuate money in the fund as much as possible, primarily by means of interest yields of bond instruments and capital valuation of the instruments. Since the funds can invest in bond instruments denominated in foreign currencies, they are mostly secured against currency risk with respect to the yield potential of bond instruments.
How do the equity funds work? Equity funds are widely diversified stock portfolios, investing in numerous (tens of) stocks, by which they reduce the risk of drop of an individual equity title significantly. They form the most varied category of shares funds, because various investment strategies can be applied with them and variety of equity markets can be used. Pursuant to investment strategy, they can be divided into benchmark funds, copying the particular market or index, stock-picking funds, searching for investment potential of individual companies, or equity funds of funds, investing in investment certificates of other equity funds. Pursuant to their focus on developed or developing economics, they can be divided into various territories (Europe, Asia, etc.) or specific countries (the Czech Republic, USA, Japan, etc.), and into individual economic sectors (technology, pharmaceuticals, energy, etc.).
How do the mixed funds work? Mixed funds endeavour to valuate money as much as possible in the medium-term horizon time up to long-term horizon time by investment in a mixed portfolio composed of individual classes of assets – money market instruments, bonds and stocks. The stock part of the mixed fund portfolio is used for significant valuation of investment above the level achieved with bonds and money market instruments when the stock market grows. The conservative part of the mixed fund portfolio, composed of money market instruments and bonds, is used to mitigate the risk of stock markets when their development is unfavourable and to stabilize the fund yields.
How do the real-estate funds work? The goal of real estate funds is stable valuation of money invested in commercial real estate by the fund participants. The main part of the fund yield consists of income from real estate leasing. The income combined with active administration of real estate and growth of its market price can lead to very interesting yields. Real estate funds invest most money (up to 80%) in tangible and visible assets that are easy to value, i.e. in specific real estate. To ensure the payout of buying participants, the fund holds a part of its money in financial assets that can become liquid fast – money market instruments and bonds.
How do the guaranteed funds work? The goal of guaranteed funds is to guarantee the return of the amount invested at least. It is ensured by investing a major part of the portfolio in money market instruments or bonds of high bonding capacity. Yield exceeding the guaranteed level is achieved by investing a major part of the portfolio in financial instruments, their yield will depend on the development of dynamic/risk assets, such as stocks, commodities, currencies, etc. Then the resulting yield is a combination of the yield of both portfolio parts.
What is the lowest possible amount that I have to invest when buying share certificates of the funds of EAM CZ? You can start investing in the mutual funds of EAM CZ already from CZK 100! The amount is not limited in the case of regular re-sale.
Can I invest in mutual funds, bonds and Premium deposits also by using the Internet? Yes, you can comfortably invest through the George service. To conclude a contract, visit any branch of Česká spořitelna.
Is the investment in mutual funds insured? The investment in mutual funds is not insured due to the fact that it is not a deposit but an investment in securities. Investments and trades are supervised by the Czech National Bank, which is a state authority governed by strict rules laid down by law, and by Česká spořitelna, a.s., which manages the calculations and management. Each shareholder has the possibility of daily monitoring their investment developments (share certificate rate), for example in the daily press (Hospodářské noviny – HN) or on the official websites www.erste-am.cz or www.investicnicentrum.cz
Are the yields from the funds subject to taxation? The duty to include the yield from the sale of share certificates in the tax return is always applicable to legal persons and business entities. There are advantageous conditions applicable to non-entrepreneurial natural persons in the case of their membership in the fund for more than 3 years. After this time, the yield that is the difference between the amount invested and the amount to be paid need not be taxed by citizens.


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