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How to trade securities in George


The new internet banking of Česká spořitelna brings you the opportunity to trade selected investment products online. You can now actively trade with mutual funds!

Who can trade securities in George?

Only natural persons may actively trade in securities in George.

How can I display my portfolio in the Overview page in George?

Select the icon for “Settings” and then “Products” in the top bar. Here you will see your securities account at which you will activate with a tick its display on Overview. The actual appearance of the card can then be further modified. From the card you can easily go to the detail of your portfolio or other products.

What is the value I see displayed in the card header in Overview?

This is the Market value of your portfolio, i.e. of all products on your specific securities account at the end of the previous trading day. You will see the same number next to the pie chart in the portfolio overview or as a sum total of the market value of all products at the bottom below the list of products.

What do the percentages in the green or red field next to the individual products express?

This is unrealised profit or loss. Otherwise also the difference between the Current Market Value of Securities (current market price per one piece * number of pieces) and the market value of securities at their purchase (the market price per one piece at purchase x number of pieces), excluding the fees.

Current portfolio value/product prices in George

In order to determine the value of the portfolio, products are valued by their last known prices at the end of the previous trading day. Each price has the date or time at which it was determined. The value of products in foreign currency is converted into Czech crowns using the CNB exchange rate of the previous day. The “mid” exchange rate, which is also provided in the details of the product, is used for bonds. The price for which you buy or sell securities does not correspond to the portfolio valuation price. Before each transaction, our bankers at the branches, on the phone or in George will inform you of the price of the product and any possible transaction fees.

Why is there no value for the current year in the Portfolio performance chart? How often is the performance updated?

In the column describing the current calendar year we always display the performance of your securities portfolio as of the last finished quarter. In the period from 1 January to 31 March this column is always empty. The first update will come on about the 5th working day after the end of the 1st quarter when we display in this column the performance of the entire portfolio from the start of the year for the closed 1st quarter. The next update will come after the end of the 2nd and then the 3rd quarter. After the end of the 2nd quarter you will see the performance for the 1st and 2nd quarter from the start of the year, analogically after the closed 3rd quarter you will see the performance for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd quarter from the start of the year together. The last quarter of the year is always included in the total performance for the currently closed calendar year.

What is the difference between the Performance I see in the chart below the portfolio for the current year and the one shown in the Portfolio Overview statement as “Performance for the Last Year”? The values are different.

George works to calculate the performance with the last closed three calendar years and for the current year with the closed calendar quarters. In George the portfolio performance at the last closed quarter is always displayed for the current calendar year as follows:
1 January to 31 March of the current year:
An empty column is displayed. The performance for this period is displayed on about the fifth calendar day after the end of the quarter, i.e. on about 5 April.
1 January to 30 June of the current year:
The performance for the 1st closed quarter is displayed. The performance for first two quarters of the year is displayed on about the fifth calendar day after the end of the second quarter, i.e. on about 5 July.
1 January to 30 September of the current year:
The performance for the 1st and 2nd closed quarter in total is displayed. The performance for all three quarters is displayed on about the fifth calendar day after the end of the third quarter, i.e. on about 5 October.
1 January to 31 December of the current year:
Je zobrazen cca pátý kalendářní den po konci roku výnos za právě ukončený kalendářní rok + přibude nový prázdný sloupec pro nový kalendářní rok
On about the fifth calendar day after the end of the year the performance for the currently closed calendar year is displayed + a new empty column will appear for the new calendar year.
In the securities account statement “Portfolio Overview” ,which you can download in PDF format in George, you will see the value “Performance for the Last Year”, this value is always for the 12 months “running back” from the generating statement date.
The shortest interval for generating the Portfolio Overview is “monthly”. For example: The monthly “Portfolio Overview” statement downloaded from George e.g. on 13 July 2018 will contain balances as at 30 June 2018 and the “Performance for the Last Year” will be calculated for the period from 1 July 2017 to 30 June 2018, i.e. for the last running 12 months.

Can I see and download statements somewhere in the George?

Yes, in the Portfolio Overview select the “Statements” in the left menu. Here you will find both types of statements (Transaction Overview and Portfolio Overview) with the option of their filtering by calendar years. The statements can also be downloaded in PDF format.

What will I find in the “Transaction Overview” securities account statement?

We will generate the “Transaction Overview” statement for you after each one-off transaction. It also includes all regular transactions made from the last one-off transaction. If you only invest regularly then this type of statement is generated only once every 6 months.

What will I find in the “Portfolio Overview” securities account statement?

In the “Portfolio Overview” we will inform you every quarter (however at least once a year) of the current market value of all securities in your securities account. The summary of all costs and yields is an integral part of this statement.

Is it possible to have statements “sent” only to George and change their frequency?

Of course, the settings are very simple. In the portfolio overview select “Product Settings” in the left menu where we will guide you through the change in the “Statements Settings” section. The frequency at which the statement will be generated can be altered only for the “Portfolio Overview”. All statements 3 years running back will be available to you at any time at the left menu under the “Statements”.

What is the Client Knowledge Profile and why do I need to have it?

The Client Knowledge Profile is the result of an Appropriateness test which we are obliged to pass with the client according to the valid legislation (Act on Business Activities on the Capital Market and its implementing decrees). Within the trading your knowledge profile will be compared with the product character, so we can inform you of its appropriateness or inappropriateness in the context of your investment knowledge and experience. You may refuse the Appropriateness test, but then we cannot evaluate the appropriateness or inappropriateness of the product. If you do not have a Knowledge Profile or want to update it, visit the nearest Česká spořitelna branch or your advisor.

What if I have products in the portfolio that I bought in a different currency, i.e. in EUR?

In order to appraise the market value of the entire portfolio the market value of securities in EUR is converted by the CNB’s current mid exchange rate to Czech crowns. We will display the market value of the security in both, the currency of issue and in Czech crowns, for you.

Why can I only see the “Sell” option for mutual funds that are in my portfolio and not the “Buy” one?

If you do not see the “Buy” option under the “Trade” button on a product, it is possible that you have not shown interest in them for a very long time or inherited the investment products. Most probably we have not had the opportunity to talk to you about your knowledge and experience in the area of investment, and therefore we cannot assess if the selected investment product is an appropriate product for you to buy or not. According to the valid legislation the bank is obliged to pass the appropriateness test with you.

When I order a transaction on my portfolio at a branch will I also see it in George?

Yes, if your securities account is displayed in George, you will almost immediately see all the orders in the “Security orders” section, even those that you did not enter online, but at a branch or with the assistance of the telephone banker.

Is it possible that I will not find all orders in the “Security orders” or "Regular investment" section?

It is possible if they are more than 3 years old. George displays one off orders and transactions made within the last 3 years. In the event of regular investments, the active Regular orders are not limited in any way and you can see them in the Regular investments section.

Can I trade mutual funds in George? And how can I do this?

Currently you can “trade” in George the mutual funds . Using your mouse locate and select the “Trade” button on the specific mutual fund in your portfolio. Then select the required action from the offered buttons menu. You can also search for other funds in "Search and Buy" section and directly make a one off or regular buy. We are working intensively on accessing trading of other products. In both ways you will be asked to confirm the order by the authorization method so it is entered successfully. It will then be immediately possible to check the Order status and details either in the “Security orders” or "Regular investment" section.

Why can I trade only mutual funds even though I can see the other securitiesin my portfolio? Do I have to visit a branch?

We are working to acces the opportunity of trading bonds, shares or certificates soon. It is not essential for you to visit a branch to buy or sell selected investment products, we would be happy to help you to choose them by calling us at the free phone line 800 468 378 . We are also able to draw up the documents related to the specific trade order which you will only need to "sign"by reading them online in “George”.

How can I sell the mutual funds via GEORGE?

Locate with the mouse the specific mutual fund in your portfolio, select the “Trade” button and then choose the “Sell” option from the offered menu. You will be asked to confirm the order by the authorization method so it is entered successfully. It will then be immediately possible to check the Order status and details in the “Security orders”.

Do I also have to give a special order on my account to settle/disburse when buying/selling a mutual fund?

No, we will do this for you. No other steps are necessary once the order is confirmed. When trading mutual funds your primary accout in Česká spořitelna is beeing offered as a settlement account . Curently it is not possible to select or manualy enter other account.

Can I invest in funds regularly via George?

Regular investments are very popular that is why we opened completely separate section for them. You can see , active and inactive regular orders now in the “Regular investment secton", as well as the edit and cancel buttons in order detail view. However we will gladly also help you set up regular investments over the free phone line 800 468 378.

In the “Security orders” I see my entered Single sale order for a mutual fund in the “Cancelled” status, what does this mean?

The order was not executed. The most common reason for a “Single Sale” not being executed tends to be selecting the type “ By the amount”. The share Net asset value (NAV) changes every day, so it is possible that due to its movement (fall) the total market value will decrease and on the Order execution date, which differs from the order enter date, the entered amount may no longer be available, although this may only be a negligible difference. In the event of a sale, it is therefore better to select the type “By number” (= number of pieces of the shares) or select the type “all”.

In the list of products in George I see some kind of securities account but I have no idea what it is.

It is possible that you have inherited securities that are maintained by Česká spořitelna (e.g. open-end mutual funds) and you have requested their transfer to your securities account as part of the Inheritance Settlement Resolution. Based on the inheritance resolution we have opened a securities account for you and transferred these securities to it. We have set up the securities account for you so there is a record of the securities somewhere. In the next few days you will be contacted by Česká spořitelna for the purpose of signing the contractual documentation related to the opening of the securities account. Subsequently, after signing the necessary documents we will be happy to talk to you about the options, advantages and risks of investment, and gladly advise you how to manage your securities. If you already have any questions today, call us on the free phone line 800 468 378 or visit us at any branch.


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