Erste Group Bonus certificate KOMERCNI BANKA 04.09.2020


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Bid Ask
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Minimum yield -
Difference -%(-)
General attributes
IssuerErste Group Bank AG
Product typeBonus certificates
Price underlying486.00 CZK
Date2020/09/23 14:25:09
Max. amount1,064.00 CZK
Bonus level891.63 CZK
Bonus level in %-
Bonus yield in %-
Bonus yield in % p.a.-
Barrier628.500 CZK
Barrier in %-
Barrier distance-
Barrier distance in %-
Barrier reachedyes / 2020/03/12
Cap891.63 CZK
Capital gains taxyes
EU withholding taxno
since inception
Chart is not available
Advantages Details you should be aware of
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Secondary market
During the term it is possible to sell the product during the trading hours at the exchanges, where the product is listed.
The settlement at maturity of the certificate will realize within 7 working days.
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