Erste Group Participation certificate WTI LIGHT SWEET Open end


2023/05/30 15:51:44
Bid Ask
1,770.21 1,775.21
Minimum yield -
Difference -3.33%(-61.02)
General attributes
IssuerErste Group Bank AG
Product typeIndex/Participation Certificates
Stock exchangePRS
Underlying ISIN-
Underlying stock exchangeNMX
Underlying currencyUSD
Issue date2020/11/23
Issue price935.98
Start value underlying41.74
MaturityOpen end
First trading day2020/11/23
Last trading dayOpen end
Capital gains taxyes
EU withholding taxno
Index/Participation Certificates | Description
WTI Participation Certificates:
Price of a WTI participation certificate = price of the nearest WTI futures contract x RATIO x USDCZK.
Therefore, the performance of this WTI participation certificate depends on the performance of the WTI futures contract, the RATIO and FX rate of USDCZK. The certificate always monitors the nearest WTI futures contract on the NYMEX stock exchange. Of course, the certificate has unlimited maturity. Thus, the roll-over or “rolling” of the contracts must take place regularly every month shortly before the expiry of the nearest futures contract.
Roll-over means that an expiring futures contract is sold and the next nearest futures contract is bought. There may be or usually is a change in the RATIO during roll-over. On the one hand, roll-over is encumbered by selling and buying costs of futures contracts and, on the other, there may be losses or profits.
Profits during roll-over arise when the price of the expiring futures contract is higher than the price of a new futures contract (so-called “backwardation”). More could be invested in new futures contract and the RATIO rises.
Losses during roll-over arise when the price of an expiring futures contract is lower than the price of a new futures contract (so-called “contango”). And so less may be invested in the new futures contract and the RATIO falls.
The higher the RATIO the more the client participates in the growth of the WTI futures contract.
The increase of the USDCZK exchange rate (so-called weakening of the crown against the USD) supports the rise of the WTI certificate price. In contrast, the fall in the USDCZK exchange rate (so-called strengthening of the crown against the USD) supports the fall of the WTI certificate price.
Price information
Today open1,833.51
Today high1,835.92
Today low1,762.06
Close (previous day)1,833.73
Spread in %0.28%
Spread absolute5.01
Spread harmonised4.39
High price (52 weeks)3,168.29
Low price (52 weeks)1,348.82
Performance YTD in %-11.45%
Performance 1 month in %-0.75%
Performance 6 months in %-15.04%
Performance 1 year in %-35.32%
Performance 3 years in %-
Performance 5 years in %-
Performance since inception in %+88.82%
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