Very Short-Term Bond Fund

Top holdings (2023/02/28)
ISIN Name Currency %FA
CZ0001004253 CZECH REP. 2,4/25 CZK 10.24%
CZ0001005870 CZECH REP. 1,25/25 CZK 8.04%
CZ0001002547 CZECH REP. 5,7/24 CZK 7.11%
CZ0001004105 CZECH REP. VAR/27 CZK 4.33%
CZ0001003123 CZECH REP. VAR/23 CZK 4.01%
CZ0001004600 CZECH REP. 0,45/23 CZK 3.93%
CZ0001006167 CZECH REP. 0,00/24 CZK 1.77%
CZ0001006498 CZECH REP. VAR/24 CZK 1.22%
CZ0001004469 CZECH REP. 1 06/26 CZK 0.69%
XS1617831026 BFCM 1,25 05/27 EUR 0.41%
Holdings by country (2023/02/28)
97.11% Czech Republic
1.04% France
0.61% Netherlands
0.40% Hungary
0.23% USA
0.16% United Kingdom
0.16% Spain
0.16% Germany
0.13% Switzerland
Percentage holdings by rating (2023/02/28)
69.39% Aa
29.36% A
1.25% Baa
Percentage asset types (2023/02/28)
35.26% Fixed Coupon Bonds
27.63% Reverse repurchase operations
27.48% Deposits
9.63% Floating Coupon Bonds
Holdings by currency (2023/02/28)
100.00% CZK
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