The ERSTE STOCK VALUE (CZK) serves as a feeder fund for the ERSTE STOCK VALUE fund (master fund).

Top holdings (2021/12/30)
ISIN Name Currency %FA
US91307C1027 UTD THERAP. (DEL.) DL-,01 USD 2.60%
FR0000124141 VEOLIA ENVIRONNE. EO 5 EUR 2.58%
US1638511089 CHEMOURS CO. DL-,01 USD 2.55%
US31428X1063 FEDEX CORP. DL-,10 USD 2.49%
DK0060655629 DFDS A/S INDEHAV. DK 20 DKK 2.47%
US82669G1040 SIGNATURE BANK DL-,01 USD 2.45%
US5018892084 LKQ CORP. DL-,01 USD 2.44%
US48020Q1076 JONES LANG LASALLE DL-,01 USD 2.44%
US4771431016 JETBLUE AWYS CORP. DL-,01 USD 2.43%
Holdings by country (2021/12/30)
62.05% United States of America
10.20% Netherlands
9.91% France
5.12% Spain
3.70% United Kingdom
2.70% Denmark
2.45% Sweden
1.35% Austria
1.28% Ireland
1.24% Germany
Percentage holdings by sector (2021/12/30)
18.16% Financials
15.94% Industrials
10.58% Information Technology
8.17% Health Care
7.84% Communication Services
7.81% Energy
7.73% Utilities
7.63% Consumer Discretionary
5.44% Materials
5.43% Consumer Staples
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