Global equity fund focusing on the environmental technology industry

Top holdings (2024/03/28)
ISIN Name Currency %FA
- XYLEM INC. DL-,01 - 5.14%
- SUNRUN INC. DL-,0001 - 4.75%
- SUNNOVA ENERGY INT.-,0001 - 4.41%
- NEXTRACKER INC. A -,0001 - 4.23%
- HANN.ARM.SUS.INF.CA.DL-01 - 3.98%
- FIRST SOLAR INC. D -,001 - 3.51%
- WESTINGH.AI.BR.T. DL-,01 - 3.40%
- SHOALS TECHS A DL-,00001 - 2.77%
Holdings by country (2024/03/28)
51.46% United States of America
9.04% France
6.39% Japan
6.19% Norway
4.33% Netherlands
3.36% Spain
2.67% Switzerland
2.48% Germany
2.36% Denmark
1.86% Ireland
Percentage holdings by sector (2024/03/28)
39.80% Renewable Energy
20.50% Energy Efficiency
14.80% Waste & Recycling
9.20% Water
6.10% Others
5.80% Mobility
3.80% Energy Storage
Holdings by currency (2024/03/28)
52.49% USD
26.02% EUR
7.27% NOK
6.25% JPY
2.62% CHF
2.23% DKK
1.45% CAD
0.79% GBP
0.70% SEK
0.18% Others
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