North American equities with a focus on sustainability
ISIN: AT0000639463  

Top holdings (2019/11/29)
ISIN Name Currency %FA
US5949181045 MICROSOFT DL-,00000625 USD 8.39%
US02079K3059 ALPHABET INC.CL.A DL-,001 USD 6.50%
US7427181091 PROCTER GAMBLE USD 2.83%
US00206R1023 AT + T INC. DL 1 USD 2.56%
US92826C8394 VISA INC. CL. A DL -,0001 USD 2.56%
US4581401001 INTEL CORP. DL-,001 USD 2.24%
US7134481081 PEPSICO INC. DL-,0166 USD 2.19%
US58933Y1055 MERCK CO. DL-,01 USD 2.14%
US92343V1044 VERIZON COMM. INC. DL-,10 USD 2.00%
US17275R1023 CISCO SYSTEMS DL-,001 USD 1.86%
Holdings by country (2019/11/29)
92.99% United States of America
5.79% Canada
Percentage holdings by sector (2019/11/29)
32.33% Information Technology
17.82% Health Care
11.68% Communication Services
9.23% Industrials
8.70% Consumer Staples
8.44% Financials
5.53% Consumer Discretionary
3.98% Materials
1.18% Utilities
1.12% Real Estate
Holdings by currency (2019/11/29)
93.76% USD
6.24% CAD
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