Fond řízených výnosů OPF

Conservative balanced fund with up to 25% of the equitites; yield management strategies aimed at a positive value

NAV Issue price
1.3006 -
Difference -0.02% (-0.00)
General attributes
Fund typeFlexible Balanced Funds
Investment companyErste Asset Management GmbH, pobočka Česká republika
Begin of subscription period-
Licenced inCZ
Duration of fundopen end
Total assets252,097,777.00
Fiscal year01/01 - 12/31
Initial charge1.00%
Management fee1.30%
Ongoing charges1.52%
Minimum investment300 CZK
Account number35-2000668309/0800
Recommended holding periodAt least 3 years
Investor experience-
Investor tolerance3 (scale 1-7)
since inception

The chart shows the current fund share unit price (NAV) of the nominal value of an investment company proclaimed on that working day. Performance since inception. Performances under 12 month have only little informative value because of the short maturity. Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.
Source: Česká spořitelna, a. s.
Advantages Details you should be aware of
• Clients eliminates the headache of managing its portfolio of funded• It is designed for clients who seek long-term and comprehensive solution to your investment portfolio in one single investment product• Availability of funds usually within one week• Access to capital markets, investment is 300 CZK• Broad diversification in multiple asset classes helps reduce investment risk • Due to the nature of the investment value of the share certificate for the duration of the investment may fluctuate• The currency hedging is actively managed• PL purchased by the current exchange rate of the next working day after funds are credited to the account of the fundIndex table:
Secondary market

Purchase of share certificates
You need to conclude an Investment Services Agreement to invest in the open-end mutual funds. Then you just need to remit the invested amount to the collection account number of the selected fund and indicate the Asset Account number as the variable symbol (stated in the Investment Services Agreement). It is more convenient to use a regular investment order for regular investments (e.g. via internetbanking) because you can get a discount (the terms and conditions are shown in the Price List). The internetbanking allows you to continuously follow the trend in your investments.

Redemption/sale of share certificates
To redeem share certificates, please visit any branch of Česká spořitelna or use the services of our internetbanking.

For new clients:
If you have not invested with Česká spořitelna yet, contact your personal advisor or come to any branch of Česká spořitelna, or use the free phone line 800 468 378, where we will gladly answer your questions and help you to choose the most convenient investment solution.

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