Stock Small Caps

An actively managed stock fund designed for companies with lower market capitalisation, so-called Small Caps, traded on developed stock markets
ISIN: CZ0008475043  

Performance goal and investment strategy
This is a stock open-end mutual fund designed for dynamic investors with a long-term investment horizon. The objective of the investment strategy is to provide holders with long-term appreciation of investment certificates through investments into a concentrated portfolio of shares issued by companies with lower market capitalisation (so-called Small Caps) traded on developed stock markets in Europe and North America. The objective is attained by the active choice of individual shares for long-term appreciation (so-called Stock-picking). The fund’s portfolio normally represents at least forty various investment ideas with about the same weight. One investment idea normally means investment into one selected share, and in some cases also into more shares. The risk arising from investments into local currencies is actively managed using available hedging instruments. In view of the significant representation of shares in the portfolio and the high concentration of the portfolio, the value of an investment can show a high short-term variability. In view of the investment strategy the fund is suitable for regular investment and as a proportion of the stock part of the investment portfolio.
Performance (2020/07/09)
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(% p a)
(% p a)
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since inc.
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Perf -0.46 -1.56 0.87 12.06 - - 10.98
Annual performance in % (2020/07/09)
Period 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Perf - - - 0.94 25.56
Minimum & maximum performance in % p.a. (2020/07/09)
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