High yield dluhopisový

Corporate bonds mostly of speculative grade with the actively managed currency hedging.
ISIN: CZ0008472412  

Performance goal and investment strategy
The performance objective of the fund is to exceed the yields on government bonds of the Czech Republic through investments in corporate bonds bearing a higher risk in the long term. It is an open bond share fund with a medium-term recommended investment period. The fund is intended for investors who wish to achieve high appreciation on bond markets and accept short-term price fluctuations. The fund endeavours to achieve a surplus yield primarily thanks to investments in corporate bonds at the speculative level ("High Yield"), offering a higher yield than government bonds with increased risk. The fond invests on global markets, typically it is invested in issuers from countries of West, Central and East Europe, and maintains the overall average portfolio duration below 5 years. Before a careful selection of titles, a detail analysis is performed; every selected title is continually evaluated with respect to the portfolio credit quality and probability that bond issuers will keep their obligations. The fund is actively managed, which means that the fund manager can use short-term market opportunities as well and thus manage the credit risk actively. The currency hedging is actively managed.
Performance (2020/06/25)
(% p a)
(% p a)
(% p a)
(% p a)
since inc.
(% p a)
Perf -4.56 -4.59 -1.55 0.13 1.46 2.63 2.49
Annual performance in % (2020/06/25)
Period 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019
Perf 0.99 6.53 1.85 -3.35 8.77
Statistical figures (2020/05/31)
Average time to maturity2.11
Average Yield4.28
Duration in years3.39
Modified duration3.25
Minimum & maximum performance in % p.a. (2020/06/25)
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