Prémiový dluhopis MULTI 6

ISIN: AT0000A25PM5  

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Bid Ask
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Minimum yield -
Difference -%(-)
General attributes
Type of bond Structured bonds and notes
Bond style senior
Issuer type financial institution
Country of issue AT
Current coupon -
Coupon style variable
Coupon payment date 2024/02/27
Coupon payment period at maturity
Yield to maturity p.a. (before capital gains tax) -
Value date 2019/01/14
Maturity 2024/02/27
Repayment value 100
Currency CZK
Nominal value 10,000
Capital gains tax -
Accrued Interest -
since inception
Chart is not available
Advantages Details you should be aware of
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Every rationally thinking person looks for ways to get the most effective return on his money. For many it is then important to know in advance how the investment may grow and, most of all, its yield potential and the market risk he takes. If these parameters are also important to you then you might be interested in investing to Prémiový dluhopis MULTI 6 (PD MULTI 6). The five-year PD MULTI 6 is designed for clients who do not require regular disbursements of the yield, but prefer growth of their investment depending on the trend in capital markets.

An interesting yield potential of up to 25% in five years with a minimum 100% return on the nominal value (see Note) of PD MULTI 6 at its maturity date.

The global “multi asset” investment strategy uses a broad spectrum of underlying assets ranging from bonds, shares to commodities and applies a flexible approach to the management of the market risks taken and the yield potential. This complex investment method is used for the Prémiový dluhopis MULTI 6 whose yield depends on the trend of the Multi Asset Global Futures EUR index.   The globally focused index using a flexible and diversified investment approach actively responds in its composition to the changing market conditions. It concentrates on developed markets and in order to achieve its targets it flexibly alters the composition of its portfolio by making allocations in eleven underlying assets out of three basic asset classes – shares, government bonds and commodities. Using futures contracts it can track 4 stock market indexes (S&P 500, EURO STOXX 50, FTSE 100, Nikkei 225), 4 types of government bonds (US Treasury Notes, UK Gilts, the German government bonds so-called bunds and Japanese government bonds), and three commodities (gold, Brent oil and WTI oil). The change of index allocation between individual underlying assets is carried out once a month, and each month a new portfolio is fixed from the available assets. The index target volatility of about 6% is crucial for the index composition.

Payment notes

How does the Prémiový dluhopis MULTI 6 work?

  • The yield of the five-year PD MULTI 6 depends on the trend of global Multi Asset Global Futures EUR index.
  • The initial value of the underlying asset shall be determined on 13 February 2019.
  • The underlying asset is observed annually. Each year its value is recorded on the observation day.
  • The average value of the underlying asset is calculated from these 5 values acquired during observation. This is then compared to its initial value.
  • The total amount of the payout at maturity is calculated: 100% of the nominal value of the Premium Bond + 100% participation × (average value of 5 observations of the underlying asset/initial value – 1).
  • Even with a greater fall in the underlying asset at least 100% of the Premium Bond nominal value (see Note) is always paid out at maturity thanks to the guarantee.
  • For the duration of the Premium Bond its price may fall even below 100% of its nominal value with regard to the trend in the underlying asset and market conditions.
  • The maximum amount of the premium is fixed at 25% of the Premium Bond nominal value for the duration of PD MULTI 6, i.e. for 5 years.
  • Regular annual observation and averaging of the acquired index values partly protect the investor from any sharp fall of the prices of the observed underlying asset just before maturity. The total yield does not depend only on the closing value of the observed underlying asset, but on the continuous value of the underlying asset throughout the duration of the PD MULTI 6. However regular observation can also reduce the resulting yield (if for example there is a rise in the underlying asset just before maturity). 

You will find examples of scenarios at maturity in the leaflet

  • Maturity of the Premium Bond is 27 February 2024
  • Česká spořitelna pays out the yield and the nominal value
  • Liquidity: daily according to current market prices in the Exchange Rate List of Česká spořitelna, a.s.
  • It takes three working days to settle the buying and selling of the Premium Bond
Secondary market
  • Minimum purchased amount: 1 piece
  • This premium bond can only be sold on the market, the price the client sells listed in the exchange rate list is only indicative.
  • The price for procuring the sale is determined by the valid price list, it currently amounts to a maximum of 0.5% of the trade volume.

Note: The disbursement of the guaranteed amount depends on the ability of the issuer to meet its commitments arising from the guarantee.

In the period before maturity, the bond price can fluctuate above and below the bond face value depending on the development of the interest rate and underlying asset. A bond can ben sold even before the maturity date, for the price pursuant to the pricelist of the issuer. Our consultants will give you detail information on the advantages and risks of investment in bonds. The information sources used are generally regarded as reliable, although Česká spořitelna and Erste Group Bank AG cannot guarantee the correctness and completeness of the information contained therein. The aim of this web page is to give information on the services and products contained therein; it is not a binding proposal establishing any rights and obligations for participants. All information you can find here is of informative nature only. Before using the web page for investment, a specialized Česká spořitelna consultant should be consulted.