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Stock Small Caps

An actively managed stock fund designed for companies with lower market capitalisation, so-called Small Caps, traded on developed stock markets


Difference -0.38% (-0.01)

General attributes

Fund typeEquity Funds
Investment companyErste Asset Management GmbH, pobočka Česká republika
Begin of subscription period-
Licenced inCZ
Duration of fundopen end
Total assets6,255,221,652.00 CZK
Fiscal year01/01 - 12/31
Initial charge3.00%
Management fee1.80%
Ongoing charges1.92%
Minimum investment300 CZK
Account number7333342/0800
Recommended holding periodAt least 5 years
Investor experience-
Investor tolerance5 (scale 1-7)

Fund PDF download

ProspectusPDF Download
Key Investor Information DocumentPDF Download
Monthly fund reportPDF Download
CZ Flyer PDF Download
Obchodní podmínky České spořitelny pro poskytování investičních služeb - platné od 3.1.2018PDF Download
Scale: ABS REL

The chart shows the current fund share unit price (NAV) of the nominal value of an investment company proclaimed on that working day. Performances under 12 month have only little informative value.  Information about previous performance does not guarantee future performance.
Source: FactSet
Advantages Details you should be aware of
• A unique investment strategy focused on smaller companies• The possibility of investing into developed stock markets in Europe and North America• Availability of funds usually within one week• An actively managed currency risk• A discount in the fee for procuring the purchase of investment certificates during regular investment • Designed for experienced and dynamic investors looking to appreciate their investments on stock markets within a horizon of 5 years and more• In view of the character of the investments, the value of an investment certificate may vary for the duration of the investment• Investments in stock of so-called small cap companies are usually a greater risk than investments into the stock of big companies.• The mutual fund carries a currency risk arising from investments into local currencies. This risk is actively managed using available hedging instruments.

Secondary market

Purchase of share certificates
You need to conclude an Investment Services Agreement to invest in the open-end mutual funds. Then you just need to remit the invested amount to the collection account number of the selected fund and indicate the Asset Account number as the variable symbol (stated in the Investment Services Agreement). It is more convenient to use a regular investment order for regular investments (e.g. via internetbanking) because you can get a discount (the terms and conditions are shown in the Price List). The internetbanking allows you to continuously follow the trend in your investments.

Redemption/sale of share certificates
To redeem share certificates, please visit any branch of Česká spořitelna or use the services of our internetbanking.

For new clients:
If you have not invested with Česká spořitelna yet, contact your personal advisor or come to any branch of Česká spořitelna, or use the free phone line 800 468 378, where we will gladly answer your questions and help you to choose the most convenient investment solution.

ČS list of charges for mutual funds unit trading

Performance goal and investment strategy

This is a stock open-end mutual fund designed for dynamic investors with a long-term investment horizon. The objective of the investment strategy is to provide holders with long-term appreciation of investment certificates through investments into a concentrated portfolio of shares issued by companies with lower market capitalisation (so-called Small Caps) traded on developed stock markets in Europe and North America. The objective is attained by the active choice of individual shares for long-term appreciation (so-called Stock-picking). The fund’s portfolio normally represents at least forty various investment ideas with about the same weight. One investment idea normally means investment into one selected share, and in some cases also into more shares. The risk arising from investments into local currencies is actively managed using available hedging instruments. In view of the significant representation of shares in the portfolio and the high concentration of the portfolio, the value of an investment can show a high short-term variability. In view of the investment strategy the fund is suitable for regular investment and as a proportion of the stock part of the investment portfolio.

Performance (2019/07/11)

Period YTD
(% p a)
(% p a)
(% p a)
(% p a)
since inc.
(% p a)
Perf 23.84 18.19 8.39 - - - 15.88

Annual performance in % (-)

Period 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018
Perf - - - - 0.94

Performance Calculator

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Minimum & maximum performance in % p.a. (2019/07/11)


Top holdings (2019/06/30)

US5017971046L BRANDS INCUSD3.03
US4228061093HEICO CORPUSD2.67
US0003602069AAON INCUSD2.59

Percentage holdings by sector (2019/06/30)

19.19 %Consumer Discretionary
16.91 %Industrial enterprises
16.41 %Financials
14.96 %Cash and Cash Equivalents
14.35 %Health Care
9.81 %Information Technology
6.94 %Consumer Staples
1.43 %Materials

Holdings by currency (2019/06/30)

52.07 %USD
14.96 %CZK
12.48 %EUR
9.22 %GBP
8.08 %CAD
2.15 %NOK
1.04 %NZD


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Performance Calculator

Try to calculate the historical performance of the fund with our calculator.

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