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CEE interest rates 3 months

Europe interest rates 3 months

World interest rates 3 months


Name   Current +/- (abs.)  
PRIBOR CZK ON 0.7500 0.00
PRIBOR CZK 1W 0.7800 0.00
PRIBOR CZK 1M 0.8800 +0.01
PRIBOR CZK 3M 1.1200 0.00
PRIBOR CZK 6M 1.3700 +0.01
PRIBOR CZK 9M 1.4900 +0.01
PRIBOR CZK 12M 1.5600 +0.01


Name   Current +/- (abs.)  
EONIA ON -0.4820 +0.01
EURIBOR 1W -0.5630 +0.01
EURIBOR 1M -0.5620 -0.00
EURIBOR 3M -0.5480 -0.00
EURIBOR 6M -0.5260 -0.00
EURIBOR 12M -0.4900 +0.00


Name   Current +/- (abs.)  
LIBOR USD ON 0.07075 -0.00
LIBOR USD 1W 0.07338 -0.00
LIBOR USD 1M 0.0835 -0.00
LIBOR USD 3M 0.12388 +0.00
LIBOR USD 6M 0.15225 +0.00
LIBOR USD 12M 0.22438 +0.00

Česká spořitelna related products on interest rates

Product type # products < 1 year Floating
Senior bonds 2 0 0
Subordinated bonds 9 1 5
Structured bonds and notes 84 19 5
Mortgage bonds 3 1 0

Research on interest rates

Date HeadlineDownload
2021/09/17enWeek AheadPDF Download
2021/09/17enAugust CPI accelerated to 3.1% y/yPDF Download
2021/09/17csCZ Ranní restartPDF Download
2021/09/16csCZ Ranní restartPDF Download
2021/09/16csEkonomika pod lupouPDF Download


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